PennController 1.0



  • Revised the optional definition of shuffleSequence (now runs in passed order if undefined)
  • PennController now adds items to the items variable without having to be embedded
  • Standard settings commands .after, .before, .center, .left and .right now update even after action .print
  • Settings command .labels for Scale is now deprecated, use .labelsPosition instead

New features

  • Added duration for sliders (as comments)
  • Added options “left” and “right” to the settings command .labelsPosition for Scale elements
  • Added Setting commands .checkboxWarning, .inputWarning and .radioWarning to Html elements
  • Added .settings.log as a default for printing (canvas, image and text)
  • Added getScale(id).settings.label(index, value) to (re)set the label of the index‘th optionpress