PennController beta 0.3



  • Proceeded to complete engine overhaul
  • Default prefix is now ‘Elements’ (e.g. PennController.Elements.newText("myText", "hello") )
  • Fixed ResetPrefix (was testing type with “text” insteand of “string”)
  • New format for saved lines (now [ElementType, ElementName, Parameter, Value, EventTime, Comments])
  • Default commands are now specific to a trial
  • Printed elements are now all embedded in a container DIV and assigned classes based on their type and their name
  • Trials can now be run multiple times (when their labels appear more than once in shuffleSequence)
  • GetTable().setLabel, GetTable().setItem and GetTable().setGroup now return the table
  • Settings commands ‘before’ and ‘after’ now inherit blocking from the commands they execute
  • Scale buttons now save option’s index if no label was specified
  • Fixed timer.settings.callback (froze)
  • Fixed key.test.pressed()

New features

  • PennController._AddElementType for developers to design their own element types like text, audio, etc.
  • PennController._AddStandardCommands for developers to add commands to all elements of all types
  • Added PennController.Header and PennController.Footer
  • Added .noHeader and .noFooter methods for PennController
  • Added .log method for PennController, to add columns (previously known as .logAppend, which now adds *lines*)
  • Added .setOption method for PennController
  • Added new element type: Var
  • Added new element type: Tooltip
  • Added Settings command .slider for Scale elements
  • Added Settings commands .horizontal and .vertical for Scale elements
  • Added Test command .ended for Timer elements
  • Added Action command .stop for Timer elements
  • Added Test command .clicked for Button elements
  • Added Settings command .length for TextInput elements
  • Added Test command .complete and Action command .warn for Html elements
  • Added Settings command .once for Youtube elements
  • Added Test commands .ended and .clicked for Youtube elements
  • Added Test command .printed as Standard
  • Added Settings commands .hidden and .visible as Standard
  • Added Settings command .settings.selector as Standard (added by Selector)
  • Added Action command .setVar as Standard (added by Var)
  • Added options to .settings.log for TextInput, including possibility to record every single key press